COVID-19 City of NB Arena Protocol

Courtesy City of North Battleford | LEISURE SERVICES

The health and safety of guests and staff remains our top priority. All user groups operating in the arenas must comply with Provincial and provincial sport organizations protocols and guidelines while in this facility. Organizations and participants who do not follow the guidelines and protocols will be asked to leave the building.


General Guidelines

  • Stay home if you are sick. Those showing symptoms of COVID-19 are advised to contact the Saskatchewan Health line at 811 for further guidance.
  • Masks are recommended for everyone not participating in the activity
  • All user groups must submit and follow a COVID-19 response plan. It is the responsibility of the rental groups to ensure all guidelines are followed. Submit plans to the Central Booking office.
  • Rental groups are responsible for tracing, monitoring, and screening their participants upon arrival at the facility. Screening questions can be found online at
  • A maximum of 30 people are allowed on the ice surface at this time. Maximum of 50 (including those on the ice) are allowed in the building.
  • If coaches/trainers cannot maintain physical distancing, a mask should be worn.
  • Shared equipment must be cleaned and disinfected by the user
  • Participant drop off and pick up will be located on the east side of the facility. Entrances and exits will be clearly marked
  • Attendees must vacate the facility with 5 minutes after their assigned ice time to allow staff time to disinfect the space prior to the next group.


  • Are expected to arrive at the facility fully dressed. Physically distanced skate tying stations will be available. Dressing rooms are available for those who need them. Showers are not available,
  • Arrive at the facility 15 minutes before your scheduled time. Those arriving earlier will be asked to wait outside while observing physical distancing.
    • Spitting (includes seeds, tobacco and fluids) is not permitted
    • Individuals must not share personal items ie. equipment, beverages
    • Congratulatory gestures; high fives and hand shakes are not permitted
    • Intentional contact during sport and activities must be minimized where possible


  • Must not total more than the maximum gathering limits per the public health order
  • Should ensure physical distancing between non household members. It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure the maximum number is not exceeded.
  • Parents/guardians should not enter participant spaces – unless it is needed for player support
  • Children must be monitored and stay in their seats
  • Section B will be open for spectators. All other bleacher seating will be closed.
  • Spectators, participants, players, staff, coaches and volunteers should try to minimize cheering and whistling as much as possible to control the spread of COVID-19.


  • Will clean and disinfect dressing rooms between each rental group
  • Disinfect players and penalty box benches and nets between games
  • Disinfect all high touch surfaces and washrooms throughout their shift